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Julie Tyler 2 months

We are actively working on an RFP for a client that needs a Program Manager for their QC Lab buildout.

Below is a brief description of what we are looking for:

Required: Must be a Central Lab Project Manager, meaning that they must have worked in Central Labs and has been a project manager for labs. If they were lab analysts at one point and transitioned into a PM position that is fine, as long as they have experience as a CL PM.

Skills: A breadth of understanding of Central Labs workflows (RFPs through end of study), kitting, logistics, 3rd party logistics (3PL) with assay vendors, biobanks, data transfers, coordinating with data team, medical monitoring of safety assays, etc. (out of reference range, etc.).

Candidates should be available as the client would like to start this work on April 22nd, and this will run until 31 Mar 2025 (~ 1 year).


Please reach out if you or someone you know may be interested.


Julie Tyler
Black Diamond Networks


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