Clinical Lab Consultant in Colorado. Lab Manager in the Pacific Northwest.

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Paul Jaswal 3 months

I have a NEW OPPORTUNITY for a Clinical Lab Consultant in Colorado! (and a Lab Manager in the Pacific Northwest) Networking Help, Who Do You Know? My name is Krista Whiting, a Senior Executive Recruiter with The Healthcare Initiative. I represent some of the most nationally recognized health systems in the market. Add me on your LinkedIn to see if my professional values align with your personal ones. This Regional hospital is too big to be small, and too small to be big! It is ranked in the “Top 100 Rural & Community Hospitals in the United States” by The Chartis Center for Rural Health. It is the only hospital in Colorado with this recognition for eight consecutive years. Right now is an exciting time to join the organization with a new ambulatory care center being built adjacent to the hospital! The CEO is progressive and wants leaders with innovative ideas that can help continue the growth of the hospital and maintain excellent standards of care. They are looking for a Clinical Laboratory Consultant to come in to assess the processes, personnel, and performance in place at the hospital lab. This is what the CNO is looking for:

  • Someone not to maintain the day to day, but to strategically look at the department (10,000 foot view).
  • I would like this person to look at current flow for specimens including receiving and each step through resulting.
  • To look at newly implemented processes such as the Bronchs.
  • To look at current equipment and is it the right equipment and are we using it properly.
  • To look at current processes and policy and procedures and are the adequate and up to date for the patient population that we serve.
  • To look at personnel – do we have enough, too much, not enough, are they in the right “spots”.
  • To evaluate current growth and future growth.
  • To evaluate the ACC flow.

If you enjoy coming into a hospital to assess and evaluate the situation, this could be a great role! They’re looking for someone to do at least a 90 day contract, and will take care of rental car and lodging expenses. We're also looking for a Lab Manager in the Pacific Northwest!  Interested? Email me back with a time we can chat. See the requirements below this email. If this isn't the change you're looking for, go take a peek at Instead of applying directly and hoping to be selected, let me take you right to the front door to be chosen. It is my job to knock, and your job to get in.

Warm Regards, Krista Whiting Managing Partner 972-668-9868 (call or text)


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