Aurora McKinney

Consultant | Director of Moderately Complex Labs

  • Credentials:
    Associates of Applied Arts and Sciences in Medical Laboratory Science, and a Bachelors of Applied Arts Science degree in Medical Technology
  • Experience:
    Aurora operates her own Technical Consulting business that has been in operation for over 20 years. She has vast experience in CLIA, CAP, COLA, and Joint Commission Compliance requirements. She has helped numerous labs to recover from bad inspections and surveys. Over the years she has worked with many clients across the United States to maintain their compliance requirements by using her proprietary software that she developed 15 years ago to manage her client's compliance needs. Her proprietary software allows her company to manage labs across the United States and attend their lab inspections without having to go on-site. Her company has helped many clients to startup their own labs and to gain the required compliance they need to pass their surveys. Aurora has extensive experience in lab development with all sizes of clinical labs from small physician office labs to large reference labs and hospital labs. Aurora also is a Lab Director for moderately complex labs.
  • States:
    All states except New York and California