All Eyes on Clinical A.I.

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Thank you to NNLC's partner Dendi for providing this Post-Event Recap of Executive War College 2024. 

Executive War College 2024 Recap: AI in Diagnostic Labs

Content Outline:

  • The roadblocks facing AI adoption – What the US could learn from the UK in order to adopt AI and other innovative technology to advance healthcare faster.
  • Five business models of AI applications – Examples of the innovative ways healthcare companies are utilizing AI today.
  • How can labs take advantage of AI applications now – Considerations for building an AI strategy.
  • Insights and takeaways from Dendi – Looking beyond the hype and identifying feasible first steps.

I encourage you to explore their takeaways. Lots to digest!

Questions to Assess AI-Readiness

Before considering an AI strategy, labs should evaluate their current IT infrastructure by asking:

  • Is your data accessible?
  • Is the data structured or clean enough to be usable?
  • Can the usable data be easily extracted for analysis?
  • Is your current system capable of modern integrations with cloud-based tools and services?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, the primary priority should be to modernize infrastructure. This will not only address immediate needs but also prepare the lab for next-gen solutions, whether AI or otherwise.


Thank you, Dendi! Click the link above to review!

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