Petra Wright

Consultant | Director of Moderately Complex Labs

  • Credentials:
    Masters of Science in Biochemistry
  • Experience:
    14+ years of experience in toxicology high complexity testing. Petra has been consulting for toxicology labs for over 7 years, managing lab start-ups, validations, daily lab operations, etc. Petra specializes in LCMS methodology, troubleshooting and performing root cause analysis resolutions on failed tests. Writes technical documents and prepare training materials for LCMS toxicology. Qualifies as a Technical Supervisor and Moderate Complexity Lab Director. Proficient in quality assurance/control, data management, project management, method validation and scientific research. Highly experienced in CLIA/COLA/CAP surveys, Laboratory Incident Reports and CAPAs. Advanced experience in mass spectrometry and toxicology drug urine consulting. Responsible for management of 65+ lab start-ups nationwide with approximately 60+ in operation daily.
  • States:
    North Carolina