Sarah Jacobs-Helber

Director of Highly Complex Labs

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    Seasoned Chief Laboratory Officer with over a decade of proficiency in overseeing and orchestrating laboratory operations. Demonstrated track record in developing and executing streamlined laboratory protocols and processes. Possesses extensive expertise in laboratory instrumentation, safety protocols, and quality control. Experience selecting instrumentation and assays which resulted in the validation of 50+ assays for pharmacogenomics and infectious diseases testing. Led startup lab in expansion to high-throughput testing with >1,000 laboratory employees working 24/7. Ensured proficiency of laboratory personnel in clinical testing, leading to a test success rate of 95% or above. Implemented robust quality control measures reducing errors and enhancing laboratory accuracy and precision. Attained successful results in accreditation inspections, securing a 98% compliance rate with established guidelines. Mentored interns and staff in diagnostic laboratory processes and troubleshooting of compliant reports.
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